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Discover the UNESCO world heritage site with it's 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns and the stunning scenery of the Antrim coast. You will see at first hand the natural beauty of the world renowned Giant's Causeway, created around 50,000,000 years ago.

Our tours are tailor made to suit your individual wishes. Giant’s Causeway Tour can be 8,10,12 hours or longer upon request.

Below is just a sample of our suggested Giant’s Causeway tour, but remember every tour is unique and can be tailored to suit your needs and time restrictions.

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Heading north on the M1 from Dublin we take the Mourne coast road. On your right is the Irish Sea and to the left the magnificent Mourne mountains.

Our first stop is the port of Carrick Fergus. Along with its famous castle, Carrick Fergus is steeped in history. Take a tour of the castle and hear of the many wars it was involved in.

In 1778, during the American war of independence, Captain John Paul Jones tried and failed to capture the port due to the considerable defense of the castle. Hear how he returned a few days later in his ship the “Ranger” and challenged the British Flagship “HMS Drake” to open battle, a battle Captain Jones won emphatically.

From Carrickfergus we head further north to the causeway itself, along the way you will see the dramatic coastline of east Ulster eroded over the years by the relentless aggression of the Irish sea.

When you reach the Causeway (The 8th Wonder of the world) you will marvel at nature’s wonders. See the perfectly formed Hexagonal shaped rock pillars rise side by side to a height of 40 feet, see the stunning lava cliffs rise dramatically from the sea. Hear the stories of the giants Fionn McCool of Ireland and Benandonner of Scotland and their many engagements and how they used the causeway as stepping stones to do battle with each other.

Finish your trip with a stop at the village of Bushmills, home of the famous Bushmills Whiskey Distillery, see how this historic brand has been distilled on site since 1608.